Including Java classes for dynamic tracing of method invocations

When working on a project it is often interesting to include only project-related classes to sequence diagrams. This can be accomplished with the 'add=<regex>' parameter, which defines the classes and methods that should be traced for inclusion into the resulting sequence diagram. The <regexp> is a simplified regular expression that must either be an exact match or begin / end with an asterix (*). For example foo.Foo, *.Foo, or bar.*. Multiple omit patterns are separated by a comma (,).


Given the class net.sf.jsequnit.example.SequenceSample containing a method includeMethodsInDiagram that calls methods of the following classes:

  • net.sf.jsequnit.example.SequenceSample

where the JavaDoc of the method contains a sequence diagram tag with the following trace parameter:


we get a sequence diagram containing methods calledByFoo and calledByBar of the class net.sf.jsequnit.example.SequenceSample, but without method calls to callBack of classes and