Setting the root method of the sequence diagram

Usually, the sequence diagram is generated for the method, where the sequence diagram tag appears in the JavaDoc comment. However, sometimes it may be desirable to use another method as the root of the generated sequence diagram (e.g. to focus on relevant code). Additionally, the sequence diagram tag can be used in other JavaDoc comments than just in method comments. For example the a sequence diagram could be added to the JavaDoc comment of a class. Add the parameter 'trace=...' to specify the root method of the sequence diagram.


Given the class net.sf.jsequnit.example.SequenceSample containing a method useOtherRootMethod that consecutively calls several methods (amongst others the method callingMethod).

where the JavaDoc of the method contains a sequence diagram tag with the following trace parameter:


we get a sequence diagram that does not contain the method with the JavaDoc comment: useOtherRootMethod, but the sequence diagram starts with the method: (i.e. callingMethod).